Initial thoughts with the jQuery Mobile Framework

I’ve been meaning to try the jQuery Mobile Framework for a while now, and after discussing with District Karaoke’s Jesse Rauch I felt inspired.

So far, I’m optimistic. The baked in look and feel make for a what appears to be a nice experience. However, JQM animations are a little ahead of the mobile support. The animations will not be smooth on most phones, and will sometimes not come from the correct direction. It seems entirely a performance and browser issue, and I think JQM will look much better in future phones.

So for now, JQM may not be the best choice for lower end phones. Stay tuned, because soon I’m going to report on how JQM compares to alternatives. ┬áIn the mean time, check out my demo and offer me your thoughts!

Quick tip: I found the easiest way to get up and running with jQuery Mobile is to use the awesome RIB tool.

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